Naples Technology Ventures is a partnership dedicated to investing in and helping early stage technology and services companies with already proven products and/or services who are seeking additional capital and experienced guidance to take their company to the next level.

The founding partners of NTV bring decades of operating experience and a proven track record of success in technology, services and operations. NTV will engage with these early stage entrepreneurs to successfully chart future realistic growth plans. Being very successful entrepreneurs themselves, the Partners understand what it takes to start, build and grow a company; and are committed to helping the entrepreneurs navigate the business complexities successfully.

NTV is focused on early stage, series A and B investments with a focus on technology and services companies in the areas of Healthcare and Financials.

In Healthcare, this consists of companies that have a fundamental value proposition aimed at enhancing the outcomes of patient experience and enabling cost savings for the Healthcare industry via technology and innovative services.

In Financial Services, the target is companies that have transformative products or services that will enable marketshare and revenue growth while reducing the cost of doing business in the volatile global financial markets.

NTV also has a slate of accomplished International Advisors. These professionals are handpicked for their areas of expertise and have significant experience in these sectors. They are or have been leading practitioners in their respective markets.

NTV's Value Proposition is our commitment to compliment the companies leaderships with our experienced team of operators to help them grow and to participate in shaping their future by actively mentoring the management. The access to our vast network of contacts in our markets will also be available to our portfolio companies.