6 August'19

Teleamazonas signs with Streann!

Teleamazonas is a TOP television network in Ecuador. Since the start of their transmissions, on February 22 of 1974, the channel is one of the major television networks of Ecuador.

In 2019, Ecuador has an estimated population of 17.37 million, which ranks 67th in the world. Television in Ecuador is most important among the country's mass media. Television programming is dominated by telenovelas, series, and news programming. Private and government-run channels coexist at the national, regional, and local levels. There are six private channels (Ecuavisa, Teleamazonas, RTS, Telerama, RTU, Radio y Televisión Unidas, Latele and Oromar Televisión) and four government-run channels (TC Televisión, Gama TV, Canal Uno and Ecuador TV) available throughout the country.

"Teleamazonas signed with Streann because they were looking for new forms of distribution, engagement and monetization for their content💥 Teleamazonas is a fantastic reference for us in Ecuador, we also provide service to EXA Ecuador a Top Radio group in the country, as well as other local stations that are embracing digital transformation with our technology," commented Captain Streann.